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Wobble Seat! THE MOVIE! Wobble Wednesday Infomercial goes WILD!

Insight and Infomercial: 

Have you heard my excitement over the Wobble Seats that we distribute? 
Now you can see for yourself what all the enthusiasm is about!

Last year I told my friends, the inventor and the manufacturer of the Wobble Seats --
that we needed a theme song! 

I proposed that I write and record it for their use! 

Any excuse to have the opportunity to work with the brilliantly talented Ronn Price! 
We set to work during one of my Columbus visits. 

I sent the music off to 'corporate' and went about my polka-dotted travels. 

Then one day for one of my author-illustrator school visits, 
the director of the program asked me to bring along a Wobble. 

There was a kindergarten child who truly would not/could not/did not stay seated to work, 
for any length of time what-so-ever. 

Brought in my Wobble...... 
and OH! MY! how that child Wobbled!

Wobbled so well and so delightfully that it prompted me to capture 
a little video of the excitement on my phone.

If a picture speaks a thousand words..... 
what do you get for a bit of video? 
That was at the end of the school year. 

I give you the first WOBBLE MOVIE! 
Take a YouTube visit and see for yourself!

Now I have specifics to share. 

We've just gotten a memo that the price of the Wobbles
is being raised as of September 1st! 

By all means, if you have been thinking about it.....
These next five days are the days to ACT!
The savings will be substantial!  

Grab your PO form and fill it out. 
Get it emailed to us!
Do you need to call him for specifics? 

GET THE 2014-15 school year prices 
by acting NOW! 

More Details. 

Shipping prices are real. We get that.
If you call my husband, he can accurately determine what YOUR shipping prices will be for the order you outline to him and your destination. 

The shipping prices calculated on the website are just that: calculated in a ballpark. 
Depending on your proximity to the warehouse and the number you order -- he may be able to give you a "better" shipping price. It doesn't hurt to call and ask. 

*When you order 16 of any size, we can get them shipped to you in the continental US for FREE!  

***When you are making a LARGE order (of two dozen or more) we are able to offer a discount to the published prices on our site. 
The larger the order, the larger the discount.  

Again. Call and ask!

Last week we had an order for 80 to one site!  

***This week we were received our first inquiry from one of our US European military bases on behalf of their school. 

We have learned that we CAN get your order shipped to an APO address as per typical shipping expenses! 

There will soon be children in Germany wobbling!

We're so appreciative that you asked! 

Yes. We can be selected as a SPECIAL REQUEST vendor
on Donors Choose.
Here's a screen shot from the DC website. 
{Click here to go to that URL directly.} 
You need 6 points to select us. 

I have many of my #TeacherFriends to thank for their support of this video project. 
Mary Amoson of Sharing Kindergarten stands at the top of the list.
Kim Elam of Kimmie's Kindergarten also gets a Gold Star!  
Then there's my favorite yet-to-meet SKYPE Kinder buddy Shelley Dartmann. 

PLUS Jennifer Kadar at SimplyKinder! 

The biggest questions revolve around what size Wobble Seat 
to order for the group of children that you serve. 

Here is a four year old on the two sizes: 10" and 14"

You can see that this particular child is at ease on either size. 
Much has to do with the heights of your tables. 
You can see the difference the table makes with this child.
She needs to be on the 10" to play comfortably at the height of this Lego table. 

Just in case you forgot to watch the MOVIE!!!
Here's that link again! 
I marked the grade of the child and the size Wobble that they are riding.

We got into the distribution of this tool, 
I just KNEW that for some children 
this is THE answer! 
Seeing the benefits with my own eyes only confirmed my expectations. 

I would be so grateful if you would share this article with others 
who are looking to support active, sensory children..... 
especially those who need a less traditional approach to seating. 

P.S. The income that we are able to generate through this effort is truly making a difference in our extended family 'situation.' 
If you are unaware of that need, send me an email and I will explain why your support is so critically helpful at this particular time. 
We ALL thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#TeacherFriends Yoga for Children: Classroom and Home!


Our ongoing, weekly Twitter chat continues and we are so excited to welcome our newest #GuestEduCelebrity to the spotlight. Giselle Shardlow will be sharing her expertise on bringing yoga-to-children and specifically into the classroom setting. 

Giselle has a wealth of experience to bring to our 
and has worn numerous hats that bring her passion to life. She has indeed been a classroom teacher herself. Now as a mother and entrepreneur she sees the benefit in her own life as she shares her knowledge with others. 

Please take a minute and visit her website to see the scads of resources that she has developed. 
You will be  impressed.

Her books are translated into NUMEROUS languages! 
She's got just what you need! 

For the last couple of months we have been following an 'open-book' chat and I have the questions ready for your thoughtful consideration. Please feel free to 'schedule' your responses! That way you can interact in real time with the participants. 
{Just schedule your answer in the minute FOLLOWING the question.} 

When scheduling your answers, please also give some time zone consideration to your scheduling process. We gather on Twitter at 9PM Eastern Standard Time! 

As always we gather 30 minutes early to help the true newbies 'practice' their Twitter chat skills. 
The only true RULE?
Use our hashtag #TeacherFriends in every single tweet!

I have been 'working' round-the-clock to get a "Wobble Movie"  completed in time for tweeting it tonight! 
It will be worth your attendance, just to see if I make this deadline! 

Check back here tomorrow for "Wobble Wednesday" to see for yourself! 

that the price of the WOBBLE SEATS are going up substantially on Sept 1st. 

So if you've ever had a thought that you want to order a few, 
or a class set..... 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

50 UPdated Visual Support Image Examples for the Classroom RoundUP

Children benefit from making expectations as clear as possible. 
Knowing what comes next in their school day, 
what the circle time expectations are -- 
all add to a sense of trust and success!

As the new year gets underway for more and more children, 
it seems fitting to add additional inspiration to this RoundUP.  

I have taken all of these photos during my Author-Illustrator school visits, 
in the hopes that they will offer support for your day! 

Let's get started with some additional visual schedules. 

Graphics + pictures for Visual Schedule, Preschool Plan in graphics

Preschool Schedule Outlined with Photographs: Visual Cue RoundUP at RainbowsWithinReach

Preschool Schedule for Visual Learners with Photographs

NEXT UP: Several "VISUAL" Reminders of Class Rules

Here is the 'original' RoundUP and the first 25 images and inspiration! 

photo of: VISUAL Learning: Cues, Supports and Systems

The photos from today's round-up are from a variety of elementary school buildings, preschools and Head Start programs from NY to FL. Many of the pictures were taken in rooms specifically designed to serve children with special needs along with their typical peers. Several of my author visits this past year were actually orchestrated by that particular portion of a program or school district. "Have guitar will travel." 
For ten years prior to launching my company Rainbows Within Reach and my writing and recording over 100 original songs for children, I worked as a Resource Teacher providing Arts experiences for children with special needs. That 'foundational' chapter in my professional career is very near and dear to my heart. Since that is my background and experience I am especially 'at home' while visiting programs that serve a wide variety of children as well as children with a diversity of capabilities.

photo of: Visual Schedule presented in Photographs for use in Preschool

As I've made my Author Illustrator school visits, I've made it my particular focus to document and photograph the 'visual-systems' that I have seen in place, so that I can  share them here. I hope that they inspire you as you peek over my shoulder. 

Providing visual cues and supports are a good idea for all children -- but especially so for the visual learners in your midst. For young children, nonverbal children, pre-readers, English Language Learners, children on-the-spectrum and children with severe involvements and profound delays, having a series of visual prompts is often the key to communication. Outlining your expectations visually takes planning ahead and organization, but the pay off is huge!!!! Welcome to low-tech possibilities every teacher can integrate into their room.

Let's get started with some VISUAL SCHEDULES for the day. 

photo of: Preschool Visual Schedule using Photos

It's a challenge to document a whole day's schedule done pictorially. In each of these examples the 'pictograms' move across a l-o-n-g bulletin board sequentially moving left to right. In the very top photo I even numbered them for you (in the collage up above,) in an effort to explain exactly how the photos were arranged in the classroom. 

Hopefully by taking several photographs and piecing them together you get the idea of how these work in the classroom setting. 

photo of: Graphic pictures for Visual Schedule, Preschool Plan in graphics

Transitions can be very challenging for children and having an overall visual design of the day helps outline what is coming next. It is a brilliant support for children so that they can anticipate what is about to happen. It is indeed necessary to clean up if we are going to have snack time next. Comfort. Security. Planning ahead. This is not going to last forever. Playground time is hovering on the horizon. I will be going home when we are all done here. Messages that can be conveyed in pictures. Visually. 

photo of: Preschool Schedule in Visual Pictures

You can see that each program, or even each room within a program, uses their own system to convey the day's routines. I'm a big fan of taking photos of the children actually engaged in the activity, but the generic symbols work well also. I hope that its helpful to see so many different systems. 

photo of: Visual Schedule for Children with Special Needs

photo of: Visual Schedule for Children with Special Needs

Now take a look at this next idea. I'm going to call it "THE BIG PICTURE" as in what was the superlative 'memory' of the day? What 'one' portion of the day is likely to be in the highlight reel? Yesterday it was the OT lady making her visit. Today it's THE MUSIC LADY with her guitar! Tomorrow its an Art extravaganza. How much do I LUV LUV LUV getting to be the 'big' doo-dah for the day? 

photo of: Calendar BIG Picture, photographs and graphics to connect the day's main idea (for children with special needs)

Here are two images I shared months ago, in real-time, but I wanted to have them housed here together. Two additional ideas from my adventures on the road. The first is from a Head Start program in New York and the second is VPK in Florida. Yes. I am one lucky-duck to see such diversity in my journeys. 

photo of: Visual Daily Schedule for toddlers using photographs

photo of: Visual Schedule in VPK using Photographs as Cues

This next idea is simply BRILLIANT and in all of my decades of professional work, this is the first time I recall seeing this system: Simple. Direct. 
First we sit at circle and then I can roll the rolling pin with playdoh. First we do our written work and then I get to play in the sensory table. 

It could be adapted for use at home. With teenagers. First you finish your term paper, then you can go to the mall. You get the idea. 

I think this could be especially helpful for plenty of children who defy a simple categorization. Take pictures of the things that are 'high motivators' and have images of things that need a carrot for encouragement. The absolute simplest, low-tech, available way to spell out expectations. FIRST. THEN

photo of: Visual Positive Behavior System for Children with Special Needs

Here is another way to help a child in their acceptance of  a new and perhaps frightening experience. This is a personalized picture book for Isaiah entitled, "Isaiah Goes to Gym." These are just a few of the highlights of his book, showing the physical space and the new adults he encounters there and reminders to take turns.

This book was sitting on the classroom bookshelf with editions by Lois Ehlert and Eric Carle -- demonstrating that Isaiah's story is equally important. 

photo of:Personalized Picture Book to help child with special needs overcome unknowns and fears

I recently had a round-up post of all sorts of classroom rules, many actually handwritten by the students. I LUV'd pulling that one together, too. I saved these next images for more specific use here, because of their visual elements. Take a look at several different classrooms and the manner in which they are conveying these 'circle-time' expectations. 

photo of: Visual Set of Listening Rules for Preschool Circle Time

photo of: Visual Reminders for Expected Behavior at Circle Time, Classroom Rules in Preschool

photo of: Visual Cues (Photos) for Circle-time Rules in Preschool Classroom

photo of: Visual Rules for Kindergarten Classroom using photographs

photo of: Visual support 'pictograms' for expected behavior at school

photo of: Visual support 'pictograms' for expected behavior at school

photo of: Positive Behavior for Classroom -- for Visual Learners

Here's a few for personal hygiene and especially the washing of hands. How about this one above the bathroom sink? 

photo of: Hand Washing Reminder using Visual Cartoon style

photo of: Visual Prompts for proper Handwashing (Children with Special Needs)

photo of: Visual Prompts for Lining up at the Door

photo of: Visual Cues for Preparing to Leave School: Coat and Backpack

photo of: Visual Outline for Learning Centers in School Setting

I LUV'd seeing these 'ideas' spelled out visually in the block center at Sutter Park Elementary. They provide suggestions and guidance to an otherwise open-ended block building center. These are ideas to get building started. 

photo of: Visual Learning in the Block Center, Photographs of beginning block structures

photo of: Visual Directions for Snack Time

These 'personalized' strips had an individualized schedule for each child to be able to determine what their own expectations were for the morning. The individual cards are on velcro and could be carried from the planner to the specific center when launched. This strip serves as 'home-base' for what comes next. 

photo of: Visual System for Individual student to plan their school time

photo of: Individual Visual Planners for Children with Special Needs

Here's a 'real-life' picture of the extra images used to create the individualized activity planners. None of these photos was 'fluffed' for my benefit. There's never time for such adjustments. I thought it might be helpful to see how the teachers 'store' the extras. 

photo of: Visual Choose-a-Song Center, Visual Images for Song Selection

This next image is another brilliant piece of insight. The statement "I feel like" is followed by three classic cartoon images: Tigger --  with its implication of being all bouncie + springy + full of wiggles, Winne-the-Pooh -- who represents just right and Eeyore -- sluggish + glum. The child is directed to identify how their body is feeling and then select the type of activity that might help to bring them back to Winnie-the-Pooh status of being just right

photo of: Self Assessment Leads to Self Regulation (Visual Cues RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Self Assessment Tool for Children: Spectrum of Activity in Winnie-the-Pooh Characters

photo of: Self Assessment and Self Regulation System for Children with Special Needs

photo of: Visual Support for Reading Books for Young Children with Special Needs

I will conclude with some 'picture symbols' assigned to children and then used on their artwork and papers as a 'signature' of having done their work. Pre-writing. Symbol recognition. 

photo of: Visual Symbols for use on  Children's Artwork

Keep in mind that these ideas are from a myriad of rooms, from a variety of teachers working with a whole cross range of children. Hopefully there is something that you can use in your setting -- or pass the 'pin' along to someone who may benefit from seeing the numerous examples. This post has taken me for-ev-errrrrr to pull  together. I'd be so grateful if you'd pin one of your favorite suggestions. Thanks ever so much. Do you use something similar? I'd LUV for you to leave a link in the comments to your blog if you have additional ideas to share.

***Our latest contribution to children with special needs is to distribute Wobble Seats.
where we accept Purchase Orders and also have Special Vendor status to fulfill Donors Choose projects.

The  price on the Wobbles is going up on Sept 1st. 
If you have been waiting to get your order ready? 

Editor's Note: In the future I start creating Directories for Pinterest. If you're a big fan of this article chances are you're in the world of helping those with special needs. I'd LUV for you to add yourself to the Pinterest Directory for those who pin from a Special Needs perspective. Click right here and follow the directions. We need you! 

photo of: Pinterest Directory for Those Pinning from a Special Needs Perspective (Hosted by RainbowsWithinReach)

Each of my three picture books are designed from a multi-sensory approach to working with children. The text of my books are the lyrics to my earlier songs. Each of my books includes a CD insert with tracks of both the song version and the instrumental, too. There is a chart for teaching the sign language to support the song's performance. 

-- Debbie --

Debbie Clement Appreciates AUTHENTIC Preschool Art: Patterns, Colors, Shapes

Debbie Clement has written over 100 original songs for children onto a total of 9 CD recordings. She also  activelyparticipates in the various social media of the era. She is probably best known for her efforts on Pinterest and is approaching 190,000 followers there. She also does her best to attempt to navigate at Twitter. Her newest fascination is with Instagram.  She knows that Google+ is where she should be spending her time -- even if she still doesn't get it. Then of course she has a FB fanpage, too!  

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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